Why Ocre?

3 big ideas


Cultural diversity


We sense two different fashions: one bold and inspiring, the other, somewhat dull.

Girl fashion wearing ocre clothing

Last decade and years, many trends and dynamics have brought back diversity, colors, and emotions in the heart of fashion. Styles, patterns and colors flourish in the light of a world freeing itself from its outdated codes and views. Young creators, new brands and new concepts have brought back emotions and personality into a globalized fashion market.

But despite positive changes, we’re sadden by the standardization of mass market trends and inspirations. The power of fast-fashion retailers progressively eclipses the creative side of the fashion industry. Many brands and customers now feel afraid to take risks and make creative statements. If we’re inspired by the success of many sustainable brands, for us, sustainability is a must not an end.

Empty metal hangers

We feel that there is so much more to do with colors, fabrics, and inspiration. We feel that fashion should bring joy, surprise and please. We want meaning and personality.

We felt in love with the richness and the depth of indigenous cultures around the globe.

Mursi girl with paint and leaves on her face

Each culture has its unique way of viewing the world and to live with it. This goes further than material beauty. It is about the greatness of mankind and its legacy. At Ocre, we believe that diversity is the essence of life and that beauty come out of diversity. The countless bifurcations of life made the richness our world as it is. It is ours to help maintain such heritage. To maintain cultural diversity for mankind and biodiversity for our environment.

We want to share the story and the beauty of indigenous cultures. We want to help them keep their identity. And we pledge for everyone to realize that diversity is essential to mankind.

We need to change, we need to do better and we need to do it together.

Evening in the desert, Morocco, Sahara

Everyone starts to agree, preserving our planet and our future is our generation’s biggest challenge. We are slow to react but we can improve things at our scale. There is a lot of room to improve the impact of fashion. From cradle to grave, clothes have social and environmental impacts. Unfortunately, many of them are negative. Awareness is been raised on this issue and behaviors are slowly changing. To support the transformation of fashion we decided to get involved by making clothes with a low environmental impact and a true positive social impact.

Ocre offers creative and meaningful garments that draw people to sustainable consumption and help preserve indigenous identities.

Who’s behind Ocre?

At the very begining, there is me, Etienne. I’ve always been amazed by the beauty of our home, and I wanted to do my share to help preserve it.

Ocre is an homage to all the stunning humans around the globe. I met incredible people during the years I got the chance to travel. And these peoples are the ones who inspired this project. There are many ways of living the earth and all of them are worth sharing.

The richness of mankind is a strength. Diversity is the way to the future.