Huni Kuin

Amazon forest & adornments

Huni Kuin, Kaxinawá or Caxinauás

First traces
Originated near the Yellow river region of China. Linguistic evidences suggest that Hmong people already occupied this area 8000 years ago.
Kashinawa language (Panoan family), Portuguese, Spanish
Related ethnies
Pano people (Yaminawá), Kulina people
Religion & beliefs
Kaxinawá chamanism, Christianity
13,237 (2014)

Living the Amazonian Forest

Huni Kuin villages are located along different rivers east of Peru and in the state of Acre in Brazil. Settled in a wild environment, they depend on the forest and the river to hunt, fish, and collect resources. Huni Kuin also use swidden farming (temporary fields) to grow maize, peanuts, and other plants.

Huni Kuin shamanism

The mukaya are the true shamans for the Huni Kuin. They can cure or cause sickness by using their muka, a shamanic quality. Today, mukaya are rare but each Huni Kuin man is a bit shaman as they are no shamanic authorities. All men learnt to interact with the yuxin, the invisible spiritual force.

The Kene Kuin

Kene Kuin means true design, it is an important element of Huni Kuin identity. This art is unique to the Huni Kuin. It consists of different motifs painted on bodies or on objects (pottery, adornments). It is used for important moments in life and is meant to be temporary and fade with time.

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About the Huni Kuin

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