6% indigenous

6% of our revenues are used to support Indigenous peoples

Fund local projects



When you buy a model, 6% of the price directly support an NGO involved locally with the Indigenous peoples your model is inspired from.

Resources for cultural survival

Heirs of ancestral traditions, it is not the first time that indigenous cultures have to adapt. Today, however, in a context of globalization, indigenous cultures face decisive challenges. The economic, social and cultural transformation of the world impacts even the most isolated places of the world. Often damaging the well-being of the indigenous communities.

Indigenous populations face internal and external challenges. Internal cultural evolution is a natural process that can only be carried by its members. Every culture, transform, adapt, and evolve.

However, what are less natural, are the external economic and political threats. Left out of development programs, victims of forced cultural assimilation, of discrimination, subjects to land expropriation, Indigenous peoples are not granted the rights and the protection necessary to a decent development. They are also the first ones impacted by environmental contamination, the loss of biodiversity or the excessive exploitation of natural resources. Deprived of what was the essence of their economy and culture, they often have no choice but to turn to the “modern” world for survival.

Economic and social threats endanger indigenous cultural continuity. Forced to join a world that is not theirs, many face challenges to perpetuate cultural traditions or traditional knowledge and to live on according to their values.

Through Ocre’s 6% INDIGENOUS program, we fund local projects led by trusted NGOs that support indigenous populations in being free to choose their way of life.

Why 6%?

  • Approximately 6% of the world population is indigenous. In 2021, Indigenous peoples population is estimated to be between 370 and 500 million (4.6% to 6.3% of a total population of 7.9 billion).
  • 6% is a sizable share of our revenue that we allocate to support Indigenous peoples without compromising on our products quality or final price.

Projects supported by our 6% INDIGENOUS program

So far we are concretizing an arangement with 3 different NGOs. One in Africa, one is Asia and the other in South America.
Be sure that we will let you know more about them as it gets more certain.

Funding and impact transparency

We want to build trust with you and with our partners. Trust has to be earnt fair and square, that’s why we are transparent about our mission and our actions. We find it is necessary to carry out sound and powerful actions. It’s also a great way to get your feedbacks.

At Ocre, transparency concerns:

  • Our sourcing and production
  • Our environmental impact
  • The remuneration of the indigenous artists and craftsmen we work with
  • Our pricing
  • The impact of our 6% INDIGENOUS program

And we will always be there for any additional information.

Actions reporting and follow up

Too often, we hear about something important then never hear from it again.

At Ocre, we stay close to the people we worked with. And we provide you the opportunity to to do so.

Once you buy a model, you can choose to stay informed of the impact our campaign. You can track the evolution and the timeline of the project. In addition, you can suggest your ideas and go further to support these NGOs. While more transparent, it also creates an engaging experience.

To improve our process and spot any irregularities, we quantify our action and continuously seek feedbacks.