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A colorful world, worth sharing


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Local NGO

Ocre creates unique clothing in collaboration with Indigenous artists. Made in Portugal from organic cotton, our clothes support local projects.

Act to preserve & value cultural diversity worldwide

As a media

Ocre strives to create insightful visual content. So that getting to know the different Indigenous cultures is a real experience. Knowledge is powerful.

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As a brand

We collaborate with Indigenous artists to create our designs. Our models are produced in Portugal from recycled & organic cotton. 6% for the artists. 6% for a local NGO.

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Isn’t that just bullshit socialwashing?

Well no, we do our best to support indigenous voices! But tell us what you think about Ocre, there is always room to improve!

Kayapo group hunting in the forest wearing traditional feather headsets

Find out about Indigenous cultures. What makes them unique and how they live

Woman from Ndebele tribe in South Africa posing in front of a traditional painted wall

Get inspired by the stunning aesthetic of Indigenous peoples

Indigenous world

Discover the different Indigenous cultures. What makes them unique and how they live

Indigenous peoples have a lot to share

Kikuyu woman in a traditional costume

Cultural diversity

Heirs of millenary traditions, Indigenous peoples convey the diversity of mankind. They form thousands of distinct cultures that have priceless views of the world and unique crafting skills.

  •  370 million people
  •  More than 4000 different languages
  •  90 countries

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Kikuyu woman in a traditional costume
Hmong women planting rice

Environmental wisdom

If Indigenous peoples represent only 6% of the global population, they are the guardians of 80% of the world biodiversity. They gathered an essential environmental knowledge from their proximity to nature. A knowledge to value and preserve.

  •  Ancestral knowledge
  •  Resources efficiency
  •  Values of coexistence

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Aesthetic visions

Indigenous peoples place importance in honoring traditions and their surrounding. Through time and history, indigenous communities developed unique aesthetic conceptions influenced by the availability of local resources.

  •  Unique know-how
  •  Enlarged canons of beauty
  •  Importance of symbolism

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Ndebele boy and mothers in traditional costume

Indigenous peoples matter

There are a lot of topics we know are crucial and we do not do much about it. The endangered future of indigenous people is one of them. Today, many Indigenous peoples struggle for survival in a fight they cannot win alone. Most face global warming issues, pollution, basic human rights violations, economical greed & political threats. Thus, in this struggle, indigenous people organized. Supported by local and international life-saving NGOs, important achievements are made. However, it is through deeper respect and recognition of their rights and cultures that a decent future can be achieved.

In this fight, Ocre joins forces. To value and share these incredible cultures and to support the change.


We use fashion to connect people

Links between Ocre and Indigenous peoples
Links between Ocre and Indigenous peoples

Ocre kicks off in a few steps

Start sharing about indigenous cultures

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